Ordering Process: You will select all rod specifications, including 1) window type, 2) material and shape, 3) diameter, 4) length, 5) ends (i.e. straight, curved or mitered French returns), and 6) finish. Brackets, finials, rings, wands and tiebacks are sold separately, so make sure to visit all relevant product pages to complete your order. Note that rods with French returns require Post brackets.

While you can order a rod of any length, the maximum rod segment length we can ship is 105”. Internal splice connectors are included to join rod segments. We recommend that each splice is supported by a bracket. Please see our Customizing your Curtain Rods, Tips for Extra Long Rods, Maximum Shipping Lengths and Spliced Rods, and Regular Steel vs. Stainless Steel resource pages for more info.

Select window type below:

Bow Rods

Curved rods, mounted horizontally on a curved wall. Available in 1" diameter round steel tubing rods only.


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