Do I Need Bypass Hardware?

If you need drapery to slide past a bracket, the answer is yes. 


C-Rings work with our Bypass Brackets to allow smooth, easy sliding of drapery past the bracket arm:

  • From the front, a C-Ring looks just like a regular round ring. The only difference is that on the back side (facing the wall), a small section has been removed that allows the ring to slide past the arm of the Bypass Bracket.
  • From the front, a Bypass Bracket looks very similar to a regular Standard Bracket. The only difference is a slightly altered cup shape and arm placement specially designed to allow easy passing of the C-Rings.

How many will I need?

  • Bypass Brackets: Any bracket which you must slide rings past will need to be a Bypass Bracket.
  • C-Rings: Only the rings that will actually be sliding past a bracket will need to be C-Rings. For example, if doing a Left-Right Draw with two middle Bypass Brackets then only 1/3 of your total rings need to be C-Rings. We usually recommend ordering just a few extra to be safe. For all the rest of the rings you can order the same size standard Round Ring.

If you need bypass hardware, then it is highly recommended to get the rod, bypass brackets, and C-rings from us. Bypass parts are precision aligned and mixing parts from different manufacturers will not normally work.