Drapery Hardware Installation Tips: Socket Bracket Details and Assembly

Socket Details:

  • The outside dimension of the Socket sleeve is always 1/4" larger than the rod size.
  • The backplate (inner piece with screw hole) is 3/8" thick.
  • Deduct 7/8" from the wall-to-wall measurement for your rod if using a socket on both ends. This allows room for the 3/8" backplates plus 1/8" of wiggle room.
  • You can easily use our Socket brackets on both ends of the rod because the outer sleeve is removable from the backplate. (No need for open "U" cups.)

Installing Sockets:

  • With the provided hex key (3/32" Allen key), loosen both set screws in the sleeve (but not so much they fall out) and remove the inner backplate.
  • Mount the backplates right where you want the ends of the rod.
  • Slide the sleeve over the end of the rod.
  • Hold the end of the rod (with sleeve) up to the backplate and slide the sleeve over the backplate.
  • Position the set screws facing up (on top, facing ceiling) then tighten the set screw to secure the sleeve to the backplate.
  • Repeat with the other end of the rod.
  • Adjust / rotate the rod as desired, then tighten the remaining set screws to fully secure the rod.