Measuring Tips: Double Rods

When specifying clearance on the rods and/or double brackets, be sure to allow enough space between the two rods. We recommend 1 1/2" space between rods, but you may need more depending on fabrics, ring spacing, etc. The front rod will typically be a larger diameter than the back rod.

For example:

  -  Back Rod: 1" diameter, 2 1/2" clearance
  -  Front Rod: 1 1/4" diameter, 5" clearance

The back rod would start at 2 1/2" and end at 3 1/2", and with 1 1/2" spacing the front rod will start at 5".

For a double rod, it is common to use endcaps on the back rod, or a smaller version of the finial used for the front rod (if available).

Note that our double rods can be made with straight ends or French returns (both curved and mitered).  Please contact our sales team to discuss placing an order for a double rod with French returns.


Double Curved Return rods (as shown below) are generally limited to a back rod clearance of ~2" and a front rod clearance of 4 1/2". Double Mitered Returns can achieve longer projections.