Measuring Tips: Finials

There are only two general rules for choosing finials for your rod:

1) Make sure that the finial will not be too long for your installation.

Be sure you have room for the length of each finial AND the length of the rod. (Make sure there are no walls, etc. in the way.)

2) Make sure the size of your finial is not overly large for the rod.

The part of the finial that meets (touches) the rod is called the "base", and the size of this part is given for each finial as its "width at base".  The finial base should always be large enough to fully cover the end of the rod, but not so large as to look out of place. 


Typically, you'll want to choose a finial with a base which is just a bit larger than the rod size it will be used with. Our ordering process includes our recommendations for the best sized finial to fit your rod size.

PLEASE NOTE: The length you specify for your rod is the length of the rod only (NOT including the finials).


Ex: If you order a rod at 96", and finials which are 3" each, your total length with finials will be 96 + 3 + 3 = 102".


This is true regardless of type of rod or finial.

How do the finials attach to the rod?

Finials are always attachable / detachable from the rod. Finials attach either by sliding inside the end of the rod, or by threading into the end of the rod, or by sliding over the end of the rod - whichever method works best for your finial and rod selection. So long as you are ordering both rod and finials from Highland Forge we've got you covered.

Please note that we do NOT recommend mixing and matching rods and finials from different manufacturers, as all manufacturers use different methods, thread sizes, etc. and there is no universal or "standard" method of finial connection.