Measuring Tips: Long Projections/Clearances

All of our hardware is extremely high strength. However, there is a point with the Standard brackets (Single/Double) where an added Support Arm is recommended to prevent deflection (sag) in the bracket.


A support arm is a small, diagonal bar that goes from behind the front cup down to the bottom of the backplate. The brackets are all still one solid piece. A support arm makes the brackets very strong and they will not bend at all even with very heavy weight.

General Guidelines:

  -  A 3" clearance can handle about 30 lbs
  -  A 5" clearance can handle about 12 lbs
  -  A 7" clearance can handle about 6 lbs

If you stay within these limits, then you will have minimal or no deflection. If your installation requires greater strength, then we can either add a Support Arm or you can choose from other wall mount brackets such as the M1 or Loop. Support Arms are an additional $20 per bracket.

Please contact us to add Support Arms to your brackets.