Measuring Tips: Tiebacks

When choosing between tieback / holdback bodies, there are a few considerations:

  • Hook tiebacks can typically accommodate more fabric than post tiebacks. While a post tieback with a large medallion can hold a substantial amount of drapery, hook tiebacks will usually be the better choice if your installation calls for holding back a lot of fabric.
  • The difference in mounting styles may be something to consider depending on your windows / walls. Flat hook and round hook tiebacks take up more space horizontally than the post tieback. Flat hook tiebacks use horizontal aligned anchoring, while round hook tiebacks use vertically aligned anchoring. Post tiebacks can be mounted in either direction.
  • Stainless steel tieback bodies are typically only used with stainless steel ornamental pieces.
  • Finally, please note that longer finials (over 2") typically do not work well as the ornamental piece on post tiebacks, whereas shorter finials and all medallions work great on post tiebacks.

After selecting the tieback body type, you’ll be able to select the ornamental part of your tieback. Please see below some additional information and examples of tiebacks:

  • Flat Hook Tieback: These tiebacks are 4" deep x 7" wide (including the ornamental piece). Flat hook tiebacks work best with flat elements such as medallions and discs.
  • Round Hook Tieback: These tiebacks are 4" deep x 7" wide (including the ornamental piece). Round hook tiebacks work well with any of the available ornamental pieces.
  • Post Tieback: These tiebacks are 5" deep, including the ornamental piece. Post tiebacks work best with medallion style or very short, finial style ornamental pieces.