Bare Metal

Bare Metal items vary in color and texture.

Bare Metal parts come in various gray tones ranging from dark, dull, and lightly textured, to shiny, bright and smooth. Since it varies from part to part, we cannot provide finish samples.

Bare Metal is a great choice if you want a raw industrial look or if you are planning to finish the parts on your own. Keep in mind that if left unfinished Bare Metal parts may eventually rust depending on the environment and handling, etc. All Bare Metal parts are provided cleaned and ready to finish (may need a final cleaning after unpacking) except for rings which are normally provided with a protective oil to prevent rusting during transit/handling.

If you are looking for a beautiful, high-end bare metal that requires no extra finishing then you're sure to love our Brushed Stainless (available on stainless steel parts).

Bare Metal