Drapery Hardware Installation Tips: Color Matching Your Mounting Screws

Below are our recommendations for color matching your drapery hardware mounting screws. Keep in mind that most (or all) of your mounting screws will be hidden by drapes, so color matching is not always necessary.

  • Iron Black, Dark Bronze, Antique Brass, and Old Rust: We recommend black screws. Coarse drywall screws come in black. The SnapToggles come with zinc-plated (silver/chrome color) screws but you can replace them with black 10-24 x 1 1/2" pan head screws. (You can find these through McMaster-Carr or similar suppliers. 10-24 is equivalent to 3/16-24.) You can also simply paint the screw heads if you prefer.
  • Satin Nickel and Brushed Stainless: We recommend silver/chrome/stainless color screws. Exterior grade coarse drywall screws come in a silver color. SnapToggles come in a chrome color. If you want an exact color match for stainless steel hardware or better outdoor corrosion resistance then you can replace the SnapToggle screws with stainless 10-24 x 1 1/2" pan head screws (available through McMaster-Carr or similar suppliers).
  • Glossy Brass: We recommend brass color screws. Coarse drywall (or similar style) screws can be found in a brown/yellow/brass color. For the SnapToggles, you can find 10-24 x 1 1/2" pan head screws in brass from McMaster-Carr.

(Please see Installation Tips: Mounting Screws for additional information on course drywall screws and SnapToggles.)

You can also use a paint pen, or in some cases even a simple Sharpie marker. It may sound crude but it often works as well as anything else. You can also use a small can of liquid or aerosol paint, just be sure that it is suitable for use on metal and let it dry before the installation. Here are the recommended color matches:

  • Iron Black: a semi-flat black paint
  • Dark Bronze: a semi-flat to semi-gloss bronze paint, or a dark brown or black
  • Antique Brass: a semi-flat to semi-gloss antique brass paint
  • Satin Nickel and Brushed Stainless: any nickel or silver paint
  • Old Rust: a semi-flat dark brown or black paint