Drapery Hardware Installation Tips: Mounting Screws

We intentionally do not include screws or anchors for a very important reason: there are different types you may need and you will want to choose the appropriate anchor based on your wall type to ensure a safe and strong mount. Depending on whether you are mounting into wood, drywall with or without a stud/framing, plaster with lath boards, brick, concrete or other surface, you will want to choose the anchor designed for that surface.

  • For mounting into wood (or through drywall/plaster directly into a wood stud), we recommend #8 or #10 wood screws. These come in different colors and are easy to find in a 2" or 2 1/2" length.
  • For most hollow drywall installations, we recommend two anchors by the Toggler company:
    • SnapToggle (3/16"): For wall mounts, use this for the top hole. For ceiling mounts, use this for both holes.
    • SnapSkru: This can be used for the bottom hole in a wall mount bracket. You can use the SnapToggle for both top and bottom holes, but you'll need to rotate one if the bracket holes are less 2 1/4" apart on center.
    • You can buy these online or at various home improvement stores. Be sure that you are purchasing the 3/16"-24 size.
    These anchors offer several advantages:
    • Extremely high strength with a very small drill hole.
    • Screws can be inserted and completely removed from the wall as many times as needed which makes installation much easier.
    • They use screws that are 3/16" diameter which is great because the holes in our brackets are 1/4" (the 1/16" of wiggle room helps when leveling the rod, aligning the bracket, etc.).
  • For other wall types, please consult your designer/installer or local hardware store. There are various types of anchors made for all surfaces. You don't necessarily need to take any brackets to the store with you to buy anchors, although it could be helpful. You'll simply need to know that the holes in the brackets are 1/4" in diameter, and parts vary in thickness from 1/8" up to 3/8". Keep this in mind when choosing the length of your anchors.

Please see Installation Tips: Color Matching for additional information.