Drapery Hardware Installation Tips: General

We recommend hiring a professional to install your drapery hardware.  If you would like to do it yourself, however, here are some helpful installation tips:

  • Grab a ladder, pencil, level, ruler, drill and screwdriver.
  • Keep in mind that walls, ceilings, and floors can be uneven, particularly in older houses. Despite what your level says, if it looks straight, it is straight.
  • Make sure you have the appropriate mounting screws and/or toggles. See our tips on mounting hardware for more information.
  • A few general rules of thumb: End brackets will typically be installed 4" to 12" outside the window/door frame. They can be at the end of the rod or a few inches toward the middle as you may want to leave room for a ring or two on the outside of the bracket. You’ll typically want your drapery to hang about 1" off the floor. If it touches the floor that is fine, just try to avoid "pooling".
  • If you are using a middle bracket, install your end brackets first. Using the ceiling and/or your window/door frame as reference points, mark with a ruler and pencil where the screws should be drilled for the end brackets. Once the end brackets are installed, place your rod in the end brackets and have someone hold the rod so that it is level, then mark with your pencil where holes should be drilled for the center bracket.
  • Our rods should not slide in the brackets, but in the unlikely event they do, a simple trick is to place a thin piece of duct tape inside the bracket cup. It will create friction for the rods and will not be visible.
  • If attaching rings to the eyelets using drapery pins, make sure to place the drapery pin so that you cannot see the eyelet when the drapery is hanging.
  • If you are using rings from a third party or grommets and they are getting stuck on a seam, a simple trick is to put a clear piece of "teflon tape" on the top of the rod. The best tape we've found is a "Wear-Resistant Slippery UHMW" (Ultra High Molecular Weight) polyethylene tape. You can get it from McMaster-Carr. You'll want the .007" thickness, clear tape. Anything thinner may tear apart, anything thicker is overkill.