Measuring Tips: Rods with Curved Returns or Mitered Returns

While curtain rods typically have finials at each end, they can be fashioned to "return" to the wall. This may be desirable if there is not enough room for finials, or if the specific mounting requires it. In many cases returns may appeal for aesthetic reasons. Curved and Mitered Returns can be added to straight, corner, and bay rods. Note that there are some limitations, however:

  • Curved Returns are available in Round Steel and Stainless Steel rods of 3/4" - 1 1/2" diameter with clearances of 3" to 4 1/2" and lengths of 30"+.
  • Mitered Returns are available in all rods of size 3/4" and larger, and with any length and clearance.

The length you specify for the rod is the total, overall length of the rod. The returns and Post brackets will sit to the inside of this measurement, so be sure to make the rod long enough to leave room for the returns and Post brackets themselves. The Post brackets and returns always match the width/diameter of the rod. So for example, if you specify a length of 60" for a 1" rod, then the outside to outside distance (overall length of the rod) will be 60", while the distance between the inside edges of the two returns/Post brackets will be 58".


You will specify the clearance, which is the distance from the wall to the back of the rod.

Returns can also be added to only one end of a rod. You'll want to order your rod with returns then contact us to let us know your custom request. You can also contact us for help ordering a Double Rod with French returns.


Please visit our French Return Curtain Rods resource page for additional information.