French Return Curtain Rods

Whether you call them French Return Curtain Rods, Wrap-Around Rods, or Self Return Rods, Highland Forge specializes in rods with returns and offers several styles including Mitered Returns, and Curved Returns.

  • Curved Returns are available in Round Steel and Stainless Steel rods of 3/4" - 1 1/2" diameter with clearances of 3" to 4 1/2" and lengths of 30"+.
  • Mitered Returns are available in all rods of size 3/4" and larger, and with any length and clearance.

While curtain rods typically have finials at each end, they can be fashioned to "return" to the wall. This may be desirable if there is not enough room for finials, or if the specific mounting requires it. In some cases, returns may appeal for solely aesthetic reasons.

What makes French Return Curtain Rods from Highland Forge Special?

Flawless bends: We use a high-tech bender to produce perfect bends with zero deformity. This also produces an extremely tight radius allowing greater range of clearances AND the use of dedicated (separate) mounting brackets.

Separate mounting brackets: Our French return mounting brackets ("Post" brackets) are always separate from the rod, which makes installation and maintenance quick, easy, and frustration-free. Our Post brackets are ultra-high strength and able to support heavy weight even with large clearances.

Fully custom: We can do French returns on Straight, Corner, and Bay rods. We can also do a return on just one end of the rod if needed - just let us know!

Need help measuring for French Return Curtain Rods?

Check out our rods measuring tips page here. Or shop our collection of curved return rods.