Tips for Extra Long Rods

If you need an extra long rod then you've come to the right place.

Our tubing is not your typical off-the-shelf flimsy type.

We use only heavy gauge (thick walled) stock made of high quality material, and thus our rods are extremely rigid without being too heavy. This means you can span much greater distances without experiencing sag in the rod. And this also means you can use less brackets. Keep in mind that you'll ideally want to line your brackets up with the splice seams so that the seams are hidden and thus the rod will look like one solid, continuous piece.

While we can make rods of any length, there are three points to consider:

1) The longest single SECTION of rod that we can make or ship is 105".


This means that you cannot have more than 105" between two brackets. However, multiple sections of rod can be spliced together to form a SEAMLESS, infinitely long rod. For details on splicing, please see Maximum Shipping Lengths and Spliced Rods for additional information on splicing.


2) Our larger diameter rods can span up to 105" in between brackets with no sag. See the section on Maximum Suggested Span Per Rod Diameter for additional details.


3) If shipping segments over 93”, we must charge an additional shipping fee of $150 to cover the UPS large package surcharge.

Maximum Suggested Span Per Rod Diameter:

-  1/2" rod: Maximum suggested span is 70" between brackets

- 3/4" rod: Maximum suggested span is 80" between brackets

- 1" rod: Maximum suggested span is 90" between brackets

- 1 1/4" and larger can span up to the full unspliced length (105") with no sag between brackets

* If the drapery weight is extremely heavy, consider subtracting 5-10" from the maximum suggested span.


* A very weak mounting surface (such as thin drywall with no stud/framing) may warrant an additional bracket or reduced spans to help support the load.

We work hard to provide creative solutions to suit your needs. If you have a long span over 105” and cannot use a center bracket, see our page on Heavy Duty Splices to Avoid Center Brackets. This solution also allows you to avoid the extra shipping fee for rod segments between 93” and 105”.


If you need your drapery to slide past a bracket, see our page on Do I Need Bypass Hardware?.