Measuring Tips: Straight Window

Enter the desired length of the rod, finials NOT included. Be sure to measure in a straight and level line (parallel with the floor) and near the wall.


Be sure to consider your desired overhang on each side of the window. Overhang is the amount the rod extends past the trim (not including finials) and it gives space to stack the drapes so that they don't block the window. It also gives a much nicer, more professional look. We generally recommend an overhang of 4” to 12" on each side, but you may need more or less depending on how much space you have to work with, how much fabric you have, and your aesthetic preferences.


Also keep in mind that in most cases you'll want to inset your end brackets 2” to 4" from the finials. This allows you to put a few rings/grommets/fabric to the outside of the end brackets and thus the end brackets will always be hidden. This can be a factor when determining overhang.

If using finials

Make sure there will be adequate room for both the rod and the finials in the mounting area.


Please Note: The measurement you provide for the length of your rod is the measurement of the rod only (NOT including finials.) The finials will extend out beyond this length. Ex: If you order a rod at 96", and finials which are 3" each, your total length with finials will be 96 + 3 + 3 = 102". This is true regardless of type of rod or finial.

If using socket brackets

Make sure to subtract 7/8" from the length of the rod to allow room for the brackets. (The backplates are 3/8" thick each, so 7/8" gives room for two brackets plus 1/8" for wiggle room.) Err on making the rod too short, as leaving the rod too long will prevent installation or require you to cut the rod.

Clearance and Returns

If you choose returns for your straight rod, you'll need to specify the clearance. Clearance is the distance between the wall and the back of the rod. If you choose returns for your rod, please click here for more info.